Patents and Inventions

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Non-contact strain sensing of objects by use of single-walled carbon nanotubes RB Weisman, PA Withey, SM Bachilo, S Nagarajaiah, VSM Vemuru US Patent 9,255,853, 2016.

US Patent approved in 2015–to be granted in 2016. International Patent Publication “Noncontact Strain Sensing of Objects by use of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes,” “Smart Skin,” December 2013, WO 2013/184212 A2.

Negative Stiffness Device and Method MC Constantinou, AM Reinhorn, AA Sarlis, D Taylor, DA Lee, S Nagarajaiah, DTR Pasala, US Patent 8,857,110 B2, 10/14/2014.

Smart materials, strain sensing, and stress determination by means of nanotube sensing systems, composites, and devices, U.S. Patent 7,730,547, 2010, with Barrera, E., Nagarajaiah S., Dharap, P., and Li, Z.,—Licensed by NanoRidge Materials Company

Structural Vibration Damper with Continuously Variable Stiffness, S. Nagarajaiah, US Patent No. 6,098,969, Aug. 8, 2000.