Teaching & K12


Fall Semester (576 or 527) and Spring Semester (311)

  • CEVE/MECH 576 (3 credits) Structural Dynamic Systems (Concurrently offered as Graduate Course 576/Senior Undergraduate Course 476)
  • CEVE/MECH 527 (3 credits) Matrix Methods in Structural Mechanics & FEM (Concurrently offered as Graduate Course 527/Senior Undergraduate Course 427)
  • CEVE/MECH 311 (4 credit sophomore course – 3 credit lecture – 311 ; 1 credit lab -312) Mechanics of Solids/Lab

Educational Outreach Activities  

We have been participating in NSF Rice Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professorate (AGEP) since 1999. Students worked with through this program are: Former Graduate students Dr. Michael Contreras (Ph.D. Rice), Ms. Christina Hard (MCE Rice), and Undergraduate Summer Scholars: Ike Akinwande (Undergrad-Rice), Sabrina Macedo-Moran (Undergrad-Cornell), Carlos Alvarez (Undergrad-Rice), Daniel Arizpe (Undergrad-Rice), and Jose De La Pena (Undergrad-Rice).

We have been arranging demonstrations at Rice, area K-12 Public Schools, Majors Day, and at the Science Centers for the past several years with the help of graduate and undergraduate students. These demonstrations are aimed at informing K-12 school children and college students about dynamic systems and to excite them about science and engineering careers. These demonstrations are arranged using scaled models to demonstrate the effect of vibration and resonance.

Through a recent grant from NSF CCLI we are also developing smart vibration platform (SVP) with Professor Gangbing Song of Univ. of Houston. The SVP will be used for teaching purposes in undergraduate and graduate courses.

Satish Nagarajaiah is an AGEP Program Fellow since 2007 to Date, He is the Recipient of the Sloan Foundation Award for AGEP activities

Miliby High School Visit: Every summer in July – 2000-present

Outreach Program at Area K-12 Schools

Outreach to Area Museums