2017 ASCE Reese Research Award

Awarded 2017 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Raymond C. Reese Research Prize for the paper, “Real-Time Output-Only Identification of Time-Carrying Cable Tension from Accelerations via Complexity Pursuit,” in the Journal of Structural Engineering, January 2016. ASCE News Article SEI and ASCE Award Announcement Rice Brown School of Engineering News Article Rice News  

2004 paper on strain sensing using SWCNT highlighted on the 25th anniversary Web page of the Nanotechnology

2004 paper on strain sensing using SWCNT nanofilms by Professors Satish Nagarajaiah and Enrique Barrera is highlighted on the 25th anniversary Web page of the Nanotechnology Journalhttp://iopscience.iop.org/0957-4484/page/25th-volume Interview with Satish Nagarajaiah and Enrique Barrera Nanotube film based on single-wall carbon nanotubes for strain sensing Prasad Dharap, Zhiling Li, Satish Nagarajaiah and E V Barrera 2004 Nanotechnology 15 379 PDF