Welcome to our group’s website at Rice University. We welcome you to explore our website for current activities and news. Our group focuses on research in the broad area of structural dynamic systems, smart structures, system identification, structural health monitoring, sensing and monitoring of structures subjected to earthquake, wind and waves, seismic protection and applied nanotechnology related to sensing. Our goal is innovation and creative research. Our work includes theoretical, analytical and experimental studies. We focus mainly on mathematical modeling and development of advanced algorithms for system identification and control for seismic and vibration protection. We believe in experimental verification of  cutting edge ideas that we develop (although this is only small percentage of our overall effort).  We collaborate with researchers within Rice and other universities worldwide. We welcome collaboration. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our group has developed advanced modeling and numerical techniques for nonlinear dynamic analysis of base isolated structures. Such development lead to the computer software 3D-BASIS that is used widely by academics and design professionals around the world for the past two decades. 3D-BASIS has been used for analysis and design of numerous base isolated structures within the United States and in many countries around the world. Landmark structures where 3D-BASIS was used are the New San Francisco International Airport and the San Francisco General Services Building, both of which are supported on friction pendulum bearings.

Our group’s recent research thrust in seismic/vibration isolation and smart structures has focused on semiactive, adaptive, passive, variable stiffness and damping structural systems. National Science Foundation recognized our contributions to smart structures with variable stiffness systems by awarding the NSF CAREER award in 1998. Our group has performed widely cited research (Visit Web of Science Research ID E-6291-2012 and Google Scholar for citation details) on variable stiffness structural systems and smart tuned mass dampers.  Our group has developed widely cited benchmark problems on smart base isolated structures.

Our group’s research thrust in system identification and control has centered on the development of new time-frequency algorithms. In a recently concluded Institute/center funded by NASA (Texas Institute of Intelligent Bio-Nano Materials and Structures for Aerospace Vehicles—co-principal investigator) our group developed advanced real time fault detection and system identification algorithms for structural, actuator and sensor failure. Our team also conducted widely cited research (Visit Web of Science Research ID E-6291-2012 and Google Scholar for citation details) on nanocomposite based strain sensing in the NASA funded study.

Our research group is funded by the National Science Foundation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of Energy, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, other State, Federal, Private Agencies and Industries.

On a more personal note, I was born and brought up in Bangalore, India and came to the United States to pursue my Ph.D. at State University of New York at Buffalo and the NSF Earthquake Center, where I completed  my Ph.D.  (1987-90) and was a post-doctoral researcher (1990-93). I started my academic career in  1993 and became a tenured full professor at Rice in 2006. In India I was educated at the Indian Institute of Science, a primer research institution in Bangalore, India (Home of scientists such a Sir. C. V. Raman, Nobel Prize winner in Physics for discovery of Raman Spectra). I enjoy teaching and research immensely. My loving family consists of wife Chaya, daughter Deepika and Son Tejus.

I currently serve as the managing editor of the journal of structural engineering [ASCE International Journal], and editor of structural control and health monitoring [Wiley International Journal]. I also serve on the editorial board of two international journals—engineering structures and Sadhana-Journal of India academy of sciences. I served as the associate editor for the journal of structural engineering (2002-2006) and as the guest editor of several special issues in various journals. I currently serve as the past chair and member (2006-to date) of ASCE Structural Engineering Institute, Technical Activities Division Executive Committee that oversees all technical committees in the Structures Engineering Institute. I also serve as a member of the board of directors of the international association of structural control and monitoring. I served as the chair of the U.S. panel on structural control and monitoring (2006-2008). I was the founding chair of structural health monitoring and control committee (2004-2006), ASCE-Engineering Mechanics Institute, and chair of the structural control committee (1998-2002), ASCE Structural Engineering Institute.

For our recent activities, media interactions, and news visit http://twitter.com/SatishNagarajah.